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This has to be the stupidest fucking ship name ever!

Awww I’m sorry you don’t like it too bad for you because honestly no one gives a fuck of what you think! 😁✌️ #byehater

#9 “You’re the Strongest Person I’ve Ever Met”: Michael was distraught when he learned the truth about Percy’s role in the deaths of his wife and daughter. He told Nikita about the future he planned for his family and how he intended to kill Percy for taking that away from him. Nikita promised Michael his revenge, as soon as they found the rest of Percy’s black boxes. Shane West’s devastating performance, combined with Nikita’s instant forgiveness of Michael’s planned double-cross, made this one of the most memorable Michael/Nikita scenes.  

The 15 Most Pivotal Moments of Michael and Nikita’s Relationship.

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nikitameme - [2/8] characters ⇢ Nikita Mears

"Hi, this is Nikita. I’m out saving the world right now, so please leave a message after the beep."


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Michael & Nikita

"You may have given up on us, Niki, but we didn’t give up on you."

Few things say “I love you” like a bullet to a non-essential area.

— Michael Bishop, NIKITA (via millie-55)